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Oil Diffusers (with T-Light)

Farm Essential’s aromatherapy diffuser is a healthy and natural alternative to a synthetic air-freshener. The wonderful and soothing feeling of the rich and light fragrance of essential oil permeating into the air and relaxing your senses is second to none. As the fragrant molecules are dispersed in the air, they are inhaled through the nose and into the bloodstream, creating a beneficial impact on your mind and body. The purity of Farm Essential’s essential oils has a tranquilizing, refreshing and motivating effect on your mood. These essential oils have properties which can be of various use to people.

Diffusion is done with the help of these diffusers. You can take some drops of Farm Essential’s pure essential oil and dilute it in a small bowl of water above the diffuser (refer the image). You can then heat it with the help a t-light placed in the diffuser. The heat generated can be used to disperse the aroma into the room.
Also available, t-lights which are required for the diffusers.



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