Reed Diffusers

Aromatherapy has been used throughout the ages as a means of healing both physical and emotional ailments. The sense of smell and the inhalation of certain scents can alter ones mood and promote relaxation by affecting the chemical balance in the brain and causing one to become more relaxed. Becoming increasingly popular these days are reed diffusers. Farm Essential's Reed diffusers are a way to fragrance your home or office or any space that could use a little freshening. To put it simply- a container (refer the image) is filled with a specially scented oil. Then you take wooden sticks, called reeds, and put them into the oil. That's it. Very simple ! That's all most of us need to know.
Farm Essential's Reed Diffusers are very simple to use and provide wonderful long-lasting aromas that fill your home with calming and familiar scents. Diffuser's pack primarily comprise of container, a scented oil mixture and a handful of rattan reeds. The bottle holds the scented oil mixture which is primarily made up of a diffuser base mixed with fragrance or essential oils. After you have poured the scented oil into your container, you insert the rattan reeds into the oil and you are all set to go! Available in fragrances of COFFEE, LAVENDER. ROSE, GREEN APPLE, VANILLA, SANDALWOOD


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